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FINcredible Finathon Challenge

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Last month’s AWARE Update “What’s a Finathon?” answered your top questions about what’s involved.   This month check out these ideas to help you choose a great Finathon team name, reach your fundraising goals and make your event fun, fantastic and successful.

What’s in a name? Finding the perfect Finathon team name is lots of fun! Brainstorm with your team of divers to come up with a unique name people can identify with.

Choosing your dive centre name as your team name is great for branding to promote your dive centre. Another option is to choose a name that captures the essence of your event, like Jarret Voorhies ‘Winning to End Finning’ for his indoor Go Kart Race.  

You can get creative to inspire team members like Coral Grand Thailand - the one and only "FINcredibles.” So far their Finathon is looking pretty incredible!  

“The FINcredibles and Coral Grand Divers are all geared up to hit their fundraising target of USD 3,000. And to make the event unique members of staff have gallantly volunteered to make this extremely interesting and entertaining for everyone by setting some goals,” said Silvano Cacchione, Coral Grand. If the team raises a certain amount they have pledged to do some wacky challenges. Here Silvano runs us through their pledges:

USD 500 – "If we raise this amount, The FINcredibles will be sporting some FINtastic super hero costumes during their swim. Spandex never has and never will fail to get a good laugh, eh?"

USD 1’000 - "Now this is an exciting one! If we reach this target then up for grabs are 3 dinner dates with our oh-so-lovely members of staff as part of a raffle on the big day. Keep watching this space for more information on our mystery bachelors and bachelorettes!"

USD 2’000 – "If we hit this mark then our very own Lead Divemaster John (popularly know as “The Voice” of Coral Grand) has volunteered to dress in drag for his portion of the swim. Yes, you read that right. No typos here. Brace yourself to see the radical transformation of an Ex US Marine into a beautiful "queen".

USD 2'500 - "Our very charming and dapper manager, Silvano Cacchione, is ready to make a commitment for life if we can hit this number: A tattoo in support of the cause to show his personal dedication. This is truly commendable so let’s help him get there!"

USD 3'000 - "Now it is a celebration… and you’re the guest of honor! We look forward to planning a fun filled day that promises to be entertaining with some exciting activities and rumour has it that there will be lots of freebies!"

Thanks for sharing your event goals with us Silvano and good luck to Coral Grand Divers who are getting ready to swim their fins off on the 26th of July 2014. Their very own in-house relay team – The FINcredibles will swim 11km from Chumphon Pinnacle to White Rock to raise funds and awareness for the conservation of sharks.

If you need help choosing your Finathon team name, marketing your event or setting up your personal fundraising page contact us or visit the Finathon Action Kit. Learn more at

Pictured: Gene Giraudeau who completed a 36km solo ocean swim this month. Congratulations Master Divers.

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