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FINtastic trio swim around Koh Tao in 7 hours 56 minutes!

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How far could you swim for sharks? The Master Divers FINtastic trioswam 22.5km around Koh Tao in 7 hours 56 minutes! Sensational swimmer Gene completed the first leg of the relay (3.6km) in 1 hour 15 minutes! A huge congratulations to Finathon Swimming Champs extraordinaire Wilco, Ayesha and Gene. 

An around-the-island snorkel boat followed the swimmers giving people the chance to snorkel, cheer the swimmers on and look for sharks at sites where they are known to frequent.

The swimmers were welcomed back to the island to celebrate at the Finathon Finish Line Party featuring fire twirlers, fabulous prizes and great friends who helped raise an amazing $2,260 through raffles and auctions. Coupled with online sponsorship this record breaking challenge places Master Divers in first place at the top of the Finathon Team Leaderboard.

“Besides completing the massive feat of swimming around the island, we are also super proud to announce that we have met and successfully smashed our fundraising goal! With the help of SO many people we raised over $5500 USD nearly doubling the original goal,” said Ayesha Cantrell.

Donations will help fight to stop shark finning by insisting on full protections for critically endangered sharks and negotiating stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks.

"At Master Divers we love the ocean and all its inhabitants and are appalled at the plight of sharks. Sharks have disappeared at an alarming rate from Koh Tao's waters and we relish the opportunity to get involved and help ensure that sharks are around for the next generation of divers,” added Ayesha.

Besides training for the big swim Ayesha also gave weekly shark conservation talks to educate people about why sharks need our protection. And Gene received some fabulous well wishes from the students at the school she teaches at in South Korea. It’s amazing to see our Finathon champions inspiring support in all corners of the globe.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported our Master Divers champions


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