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Fourth Element Support Project AWARE

Project AWARE News

Fourth Element have teamed up with Project AWARE to create some funky new T-shirts that will not only show off your passion for life in the water but will also show off your support for all that lives in the water too.

Fourth Element’s love and passion for protecting the ocean came from years of diving and being inspired by what they saw beneath the sea.  That inspiration led to the desire to protect the source of their and all divers enjoyment.

Made using high quality fabrics, environmental production practices and careful attention to detail, Fourth Element’s environmental dive clothing gives you a way to express your love for diving and protecting life underwater.

"Project AWARE shares two of our deepest concerns: depletion of sharks from our waters worldwide and waste, particularly plastic waste being dumped into the Oceans.  If we can reach out to others to let them know what is going on out in the wider world, we will achieve our own remit of educating divers about their environment.  Project AWARE has the reach and shared vision to help achieve this" comments Jim Standing, Fourth Element Director.

Fourth Element Supports Project AWARE with a range of Environmental ClothingThe two modern Project AWARE designs speak out about our two main focus areas, marine debris and the protection for sharks. We are proud to be working so closely with Fourth Element and want to say a big thank you for all of their amazing support and all of their hard work to protect our ocean planet.

The T-shirts comes in a variety of sizes, colours and in two great designs. They can be purchased on their website and at dive shows, and can be shipped across the world. Project AWARE receives £3.50 for every sale made!

If you would like to place a large order, contact Fourth Element for their trade price.

Purchase a Fourth Element Project AWARE T-shirt today!

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