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A Full Press for Sharks This Year

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Overfishing. Finning. Endangered. These are all words that we should not have to associate with global shark species.

“Accumulating science tells us that sharks are critical components to healthy and thriving marine ecosystems,” says Roger McManus, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Project AWARE board member.

“When we slaughter sharks, the ecosystems are worse off. When we stop killing them, ecosystems are better, including being more productive,” says McManus. “The good news is, we know from experience, when we do the work, the ocean and its wildlife can be restored.”

AWARE divers, shark advocates and volunteers across the globe are willing and ready to do the work for sharks.

In 2011, we celebrated many victories together. And we’re dedicated to a full press in 2012, to ensure even stronger shark protection worldwide.

This year we’ll work together to:

  •  Gain a majority vote for CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) shark listings – a powerful international treaty with trade-enforcement powers to increase shark protection worldwide.
  • Work with regional fisheries organizations like the European Union Commission to close loopholes in finning regulations.
  • Deliver thousands of shark petition signatures from divers like you, to endorse strong shark protections.
  • Pursue fins-naturally-attached rules in place for major shark fisheries/regions.

This year, we’ll talk more in depth about specific species of sharks we’re targeting for protection. We’ll explore what brings each species to the brink and how, together, we can help secure their protection status.


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