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Heather Shaves Her Head for Sharks. Hear the Inspiring Interview.

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Would you shave your head for shark protection? That's just what Divemaster, Heather Murray is planning to do as part of the global Finathon™ - Get Swimming to End Shark Finning - fundraising challenge. We couldn't be more grateful and inspired.

Just over a week ago Heather posted on Facebook: "I decided to do something a bit radical... I want to help protect shark species, so I have decided that if I can raise $500 by the 8th of July I will shave my hair off in a stand against shark fining....gulp!”

This week Heather, originally from New Zealand but living and working in the Caribbean, talked to Radio Cayman 89.9 about her passion for sharks.

"We can all play a critical role in saving sharks by donating to Project AWARE.  They have already helped put five species of highly traded sharks, manta rays and a species of sawfish on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), effectively limiting the commercial international trade of these animals" says Heather.

You can listen to the Shave4Sharks Radio interview by clicking on the orange Play button:


A FINtastic thanks to Heather and all her supporters for raising over $1,000 so far. With a new goal to raise $2,000 for sharks before her 29th birthday, Heather will shave off all her hair to make a stand against shark finning. You can donate here:

Heather has received 24 donations from around the world, many from her home country, New Zealand. “It’s great to see Heather’s shave4sharks appeal receive such support,” said Joanna McNamara, Project AWARE Development and Communications Specialist.

 “New Zealanders have truly embraced the Finathon with enthusiasm. Our youngest Finathon participants Erika and Jade Fairwather (8 and 9 years) are swimming 1km between them with Dive Otago in the South Island. Kelly Boal from Otago Dive plans to swim for three hours straight in a shark suit and will swim an extra 50m for every $10 over the goal! On the North Island, Dive HQ Whangerai are planning to snorkel from RikoRiko Cave at the Poor Knights Islands to the Tutukaka Marina. It's a 22km open ocean relay swim, an amazing challenge in the name of sharks,” adds Joanna.

“I have a passion for people, education and all things biological, not to mention enjoying having a good dance boogie, baked goodies, and smiling a lot,” said Heather. A keen traveller Heather has volunteered for conservation projects around the world and works for the Central Caribbean Marine Institute as the Education and Programmes Coordinator.

The Finathon isn’t just for swimmers. You can bike ride, run, swim, shave4sharks or blog like mad to raise awareness for this unique cause.

Thanks to Heather and all our Finathon Champions.  What will you do for sharks this July?

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