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How Deep is your Love for Ocean Conservation?

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How about 166.6 metres deep? During the last weekend of July, PADI Dive Master, Duncan Baillie, together with a group of experienced Technical Divers, will attempt to break the existing Technical Deep Dive record of 144 m in the Gulf of Aqaba by diving to 166.6 m all in support of marine conservation.

“This challenge is not just about breaking a record, it is about raising awareness of the beauty and diversity of what Jordan’s waters have to offer” says Duncan. “We are supporting Project AWARE and the Jordanian Royal Ecological Diving Society by holding a beach and reef cleanup on Saturday 30th July and by getting sponsorship money towards our deep dive challenge”.

The 166.6 Team have already secured fantastic prizes and Royal Jordanian Flights are offering great deals to travel to and from Jordan to support the challenge. The Kempiski Hotel is also offering a special dive discount for anyone supporting Team 166.6 and Sea Star Watersport, a local PADI 5* ICD Centre is helping with the logistics.

“We are grateful for the support of His Majesty King Abdullah who has shown a great interest in our fundraising challenge” says the 166.6 Team. “We are keeping him updated on our progress”.

To kick off the fundraising initiative for the 166.6 weekend, the Team has organized a special event on July 07th 2011 with free try dives, a dinner, a raffle and much, much more ….

If you want to show how deep your love is for ocean conservation, you can sponsor the 166.6 Team and keep track of their progress online at

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