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I Heart Sharks Photo Contest

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When most people think of sharks, they think of the film Jaws and scary stories. Fear of sharks comes mainly from lack of knowledge and the inaccurate man-eating image perpetuated by mass media over the years. Through the power of images, divers can tell the real story and raise awareness about the plight of sharks.

Sharks photos are essential to document not only the threats and challenges they are facing but also the conservation actions shark activists are taking to protect them. Images are a powerful tool for motivating the general public to change their perceptions about sharks and take action to support shark conservation.

I Heart Sharks” PADI’s new online photo contest in support of Project AWARE’s Big Shark Shout Out offers a great opportunity to share your favourite shark photo, dive the Great Barrier Reef and contribute to protecting sharks.

If you love sharks and want to win a free flight to dive the Great Barrier Reef enter “I heart Sharks” photo contest and support April’s Big Shark Shout Out.

The contest ends on Monday 30th April, so don’t keep it until it’s too late!

Submit your favourite shark photo today!

Include in the caption:

  1. Your name & highest PADI certification
  2. Why (in your own words) sharks need protection
  3. Sign Project AWARE’s Shark Petition to help secure shark protection globally.

Extra Super Bonus Points:

Help gather shark petition signatures on your Facebook page and post the widget too on your blog or website!

Enter to win and you could be diving the Great Barrier Reef soon!

If you don’t want to enter the contest but are still interested in participating, you can vote for your favourites photoshere.

From all of us at Project AWARE best of luck to all the participants and thank you for loving sharks!

I Heart Sharks Photo Contest

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