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Infinity Ocean Diving take the plunge and Dive Against Debris

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Debris Month of Action is in full swing and as always, you are going above and beyond to help remove trash to keep our ocean environment clean and healthy. Samy Gheraz and the crew at Infinity Ocean Diving in Phuket, Thailand have kickstarted their Dive Against Debris Hero actions, organising monthly Dive Against Debris surveys – the first one of which took place with great success on 9th September.

All geared up and ready to go, they grabbed their bags and took the plunge – even their tanks were dressed for the part with specially made tank tops for the clean-up.

Discarded fishing nets and fishing line were the top items found during the survey – usual culprits responsible for needlessly injuring and killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals and birds each year as a result of getting tangled up in these items. It’s therefore more important than ever that we continue to Dive Against Debris and remove what trash we can to help save our precious marine life.

“It’s so depressing to see the damage that our trash inflicts on the marine environment but as divers, we’re in a great position to give something back and remove what we can” says Samy, General Manager of Infinity Ocean Diving.

As divers, we see first-hand the damage that marine debris is causing the marine environment. The data collected and the photos taken continue to build a comprehensive database about marine debris all around the world, providing invaluable information to help portray the marine debris crisis. This information is absolutely crucial for informing policy change and improving waste management so that rubbish is stopped at the source.

Not only did Samy and his crew do an awesome job removing the trash, Infinity Ocean Diving are also kindly donating to Project AWARE each month when they Dive Against Debris.

A huge thanks to Samy and the Infinity Ocean Diving crew - keep up the great work! Extended thanks also to Frederic at ArtPoolCover, Henrik at FX Scuba and Noon, Local Dive Thailand partner, and of course the participating divers for making it all possible.

What will you do during Debris month of Action? Join divers around the world now and take the plunge - together we can make a real difference.

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