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Looking for a Healthy New Year Challenge? Finathon 2014!

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Scuba divers jumped into the new year with a splash taking on a fit, fun and healthy Finathon challenge. What a great way to begin 2014. A Finathon is the perfect incentive to get fit, feel good and raise funds for your favourite ocean icon – the shark.

MASS Diving, Massachusetts, USA, hosted their event thanks to the generosity of the Wayland Community Pool and saw 10 swimmers take to the water. “Everyone seemed have a time goal rather than a distance commitment, but on average everyone was doing about half mile swims,” said Laura McCallion, Manager of MASS Diving.

“As a scuba diver, I've had the opportunity to swim alongside these amazing animals and though, yes, they can be intimidating, they are also incredibly beautiful and majestic creatures that deserve respect and care. Stopping shark finning is an amazing cause and we were all happy to do our part through this event,” added Laura.

During the holiday season, 13 year old Isabel Levin, USA, become a top individual Finathon fundraiser choosing to swim as part of her Bat Mitzvah. “Tikkun Olam means repairing the world. I became interested in Project AWARE after I became a scuba diver last year and to help repair the world I chose swimming to end finning. I've always loved animals and the ocean, and this is a great way for me to get involved," says Isabel. Congratulations to Isabel and all her amazing friends for choosing conservation.

In Indonesia, Thalassa Dive Resort hosted a 12 hour Finathon! From 6pm to 6am teams of six night owls swam for 30 minutes each. The local students from the senior high school are already looking forward to the next event.

In 2013 scuba divers clocked up over 800km swimming to end finning. Thanks to all our Finathon Champs around the world – how far we swim in 2014 is up to you. From fancy dress to wacky races or simply swim a mile with a smile. Read about your fellow Finathon swimmers to get inspired and see what they did to make their event a success.

  1. Submission Dive Centre UK Pool event 100km
  2. Calyspso Diving Philippines Finathon 1500m
  3. Langley Divers Canada Indoor Pool Event for All
  4. Dive Downbelow Sabah 3km Gaya Island Swim
  5. Master Divers Epic Relay Swim Around Koh Tao 23km
  6. Poolside Finathon champs – 12 hour swim

Official Finathon month is July but you can choose to host your event any time throughout the year to suit your weather or scuba calendar. Visit to get started. 

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