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Make the Final Push to Protect Europe's Sharks

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This is it! In just a few weeks, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will vote on amending the European Shark Finning regulation.

We are calling on the diving community to join us in demonstrating tremendous support across Europe as well as globally for the "fins naturally attached with no exceptions" policy - the best, most efficient and enforceable method to prevent shark finning.

After years of sustained pressure to close loopholes in the European Shark Finning ban, Project AWARE together with all our Shark Alliance partners are making the final PUSH to Protect Europe's Sharks. And WE NEED YOU to show MEPs that we are counting on their continued support when it comes to the Fisheries Committee vote on 19th September.

Make the Final PUSH to Protect Europe's Sharks

Join us in showing MEPs that we want loopholes closed!

  • Download the "Make the PUSH" sign
  • Take a picture of you, your divers, your dive club - hold up your sign and show MEP's that it's time to make the push.
  • Write a statement to support anti finning efforts (around 100 words more or less - Get inspired by checking our Make the PUSH photo album)
  • Send your photo to your nearest office to be displayed on our virtual wall and shown to all MEP's.
  • Follow the E.U. Shark Journey to see how far we've come in closing loopholes in the European Shark Finning ban and voice your support to help us make the final push to protect sharks from finning.

"I'm fascinated by the beauty of sharks and the dominion over their environment. Despite this, they are now being decimated because of the fin trade. We have a great chance to show the future and ourselves: that we can stop the deterioration of our oceans. The time is now, because shark-to-shark, fin-to-fin, the time wasted is writing the word EXTINCTION. Fins naturally attached with no exceptions and the EU shark finning ban are essential to stop this. I make the push to protect Europe`s sharks. Join us," says Artist Carlos Hiller

The UK championed the "fins naturally attached with no exceptions" proposal with only Spain and Portugal opposing. The European Parliament Fisheries Committee will vote on the issue in September before it is submitted to a vote in plenary in October.

Given the EU’s influence on international fisheries policies and developing countries, improvements in EU shark policies are critical for securing a brighter future for sharks not only in Europe but around the world. Send us your photos asking MEPs to support a strong enforceable shark finning ban.

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