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Make Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving to the Ocean

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Sometimes finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. This is especially true during the holiday season.  Why not treat your loved ones with a gift that keeps on giving and contributes to protecting what divers love the most: the ocean?

From Project AWARE clothing to Project AWARE courses for divers and non-divers alike, there are a full range of gifts you can make to spread the ocean love and make this year’s holiday season a special occasion to share your passion for ocean conservation with friends and family.

Visit our Pinterest Board “AWARE Shop” for gift ideas and websites which will give to Project AWARE each time you buy.

4 Ways to Make Gifts that Keep on Giving to the Ocean

  1. Pick a non-plastic gift. Really, is plastic the way to say “Thanks” this holiday season?
  2. Share your love for the ocean and give the gift of diving. A try dive can make a very special life changing gift and encourage someone to become an ambassador for the ocean.
  3. Make a gift that will turn your loved ones into advocates for the ocean with an AWARE specialty course. From Fish Identification, to Shark Conservation Diver, Project AWARE to Dive Against Debris specialties, there is a course for everyone.
  4. Project AWARE t-shirts and vouchers also make the perfect gift for divers and non-divers alike who wish to show that they support a worthy cause.

Through partnership with organizations who share the same concerns for the health of our ocean planet, Project AWARE has developed a range of eco-friendly clothing and accessories to support two critical campaigns "Sharks in Peril" and "Marine Debris".  With trendy men and women designs, the Project AWARE Fourth Element clothing range makes the perfect Christmas present this holiday season.

By making gifts that keep on giving to the ocean, your support enables Project AWARE to continue its vital work - on many fronts - to protect and conserve the ocean and its inhabitants.

From all of us at Project AWARE, a very Happy Holiday Season!
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