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Make the Switch to Renewable Energy with Ecotricity, our New UK Partner

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Did you know that electricity is the biggest single source of carbon emissions in Britain? The absorption of carbon dioxide emissions by the ocean has a direct impact on marine ecosystems. The good news is reducing our carbon footprint can be as easy as making the switch to renewable energy. UK residents have now the opportunity to make a difference by switching their gas and electricity provider to our new partner Ecotricity, the UK green energy company dedicated to building new sources of renewable energy to fight climate change.

By switching to Ecotricity not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but Ecotricity will donate up to £60* to support our conservation work on your behalf. Just remember to quote 'PROJ1' when you switch!

As concerns about climate change increase, the interrelationship between the ocean and climate change must by recognized, understood, and incorporated into climate change policies. Human emissions of greenhouse gases threaten coastal and marine ecosystems through sea-level rise, acidification, and changes in weather patterns and water temperatures. Switch to Ecotricity today to help protect the ocean from the adverse effects of carbon emissions and Ecotricity will donate towards our campaigns and projects as well as invest in building new sources of renewable energy for a brighter and greener future for us and our planet ocean.

Switch to Renewable Energy - Switch to EcotricityOne of the overall solutions to climate change is to significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This will require action at international, national, local and community levels, around the world but we can all be part of the solution by taking simple actions such as switching to renewable energy. Make the Switch Today to Ecotricity!

How to Switch?

It couldn't be easier, just visit this website and enter your contact details, or phone 08000 302302 and quote “PROJ1”.

What’s more?

Ecotricity will match the standard price of your regional supplier, so switching shouldn’t cost you any more. With UK homes contributing 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions, converting to a renewable energy supplier is an easy way of reducing your ecological footprint. Make the Switch Today!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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