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Marine Debris Campaigners Join Container Deposit Scheme Push

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One third of all plastic marine debris is from beverage containers, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).  It kills wildlife and pollutes beaches.  It persists for centuries, breaking down into smaller particles, clogging our waterways and destroying our ocean.

Project AWARE Foundation alongside other key environmental marine debris groups in Australia have recently joined the Boomerang Alliance, a group of leading environmental organisations committed to work for zero waste in Australia.

Australians consume drinks in almost 13 billion containers a year. Yet only about 40 percent of these are recycled, mostly collected via kerbside and much less (22 percent), away from home. The other half is littered or landfilled and some of this rubbish makes its way to our ocean, dropped in stormwater drains or carelessly thrown onthe side of the street, into the river and out to the sea.

The Boomerang Alliance is campaigning for a national Container Deposit Scheme. Cash for Containers encourages Australians to rethink their waste by receiving a 10c refund on bottles and cans.

According to an independent report by Mike Ritchie and Associates, there are very significant savings to kerbside recycling and material recovery facilities, from a Container Deposit Scheme. But this hasn’t stopped the beverage industry from claiming the opposite.

Savings for local government are estimated at between AU$69 and AU$193 a year million across Australia.  The report noted further benefits from a Container Deposit Scheme included reduced litter clean up costs; and disposal/waste levy costs.

This Friday, 24th August, Australia's State and Federal Environment Ministers will meet to discuss whether to implement a Container Deposit Scheme. All Aussies out there can add your voice to the Cash for Containers campaign and help forge a path to reduce litter and increase recycling. 

With Debris Month of Action just around the corner the ocean's silent killer, marine debris, is hard at work. Here is a unique opportunity for all Australians to make a significant impact on the way we handle our rubbish. We're proud to join forces with other nonprofit environmental groups in Australia to support the Cash for Containers campaign.Visit to add your support.


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