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Mark Your 2012 Calendar with AWARE Actions and Events

Project AWARE News

Are you ready to take action in 2012 to support shark conservation and marine debris free oceans?

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year , Year of the Dragon or rather Sea Dragon for us Ocean lovers, we bring you a round-up of some of the Project AWARE events, campaigns and activities you can attend, support and participate in throughout 2012!

Mark Your Calendar

What better way to start off a New Year than by getting organized and plan for a year full of conservation successes? Join divers protecting our ocean planet worldwide! Search the ACTION MAP for events near you or check out a full list of all UPCOMING ACTIONS to signup and take part. Project AWARE Action Map

The Big Four Not to Miss:

Amongst many other events and activities, in 2012 we have four major global events aimed athighlighting the plight of sharks and providing the underwater perspective of marine debris impacts for you to support and rally people in your local community :
  • Big Shark Shout Out - Scheduled in April, this event offers the perfect opportunity for dive leaders and individuals to voice their concerns and demand better shark protection.
  • Debris Month of Action - During September, divers around the world will focus on marine debris issues and will dive against debris to collect critically needed data.
  • European Shark Week - October 2012 will offer critical opportunities for shark enthusiasts to take the EU finning ban from lagging to leading and to positively influence finning policies around the world.
  • We are also currently working on a Big Annual Fundraising Challenge for you to take on in July ... so watch this space!

Additional Dates for Your Calendar:


13th - 16th January - The Paris Dive Show 2012 was a huge success! If you missed all the action, check out the photo album. 23rd - 26th January - Catch up with the latest Project AWARE news and policy work with Jennifer Constant, Project AWARE Regional Coordinator, and Suzanne Pleydell, Project AWARE Director, on the PADI booth (Hall 03 - F28) at the BOOT Show, Düsseldorf, Germany.


16th- 19th February - Ask all your questions about sharks and marine debris to Jen on the PADI booth at the EUDI Show, Milan, Italy. 24th - 27th February - We are at the Korean Underwater Sports Show. Head to the PADI stands to sign the petition!


04th March: Celebrate Cleanup Australia Day by Diving Against Debris - Contact the Asia Pacific Team for support and advice about coordinating Dive Against Debris activities during this month or check out our Dive Against Debris Action Kit. 09th- 11th March - We are at the China Guangzhou International Dive Show. Head to the PADI stands to sign the petition! 13th - 17th March: DMEX 2012, Dive Middle East Exhibition - Jen will be in Dubai to meet the divers attending this international trade & dive enthusiast event. 22nd March: World Water Day - This internationally recognized day is a great time to organize an underwater conservation activity or awareness dive in your local community.  Post your event on the Action Zone by creating an event on My Ocean. 24th- 25th March - Jen will be in Madrid to spread the ocean and shark love on the PADI booth at the Dive Travel Show Madrid, Madrid, Spain. 31st March - 01st AprilLIDS - Meet celebrity diver and conservationist Monty Halls, mingle with other fellow divers, and show your suppor for Project AWARE on the PADI Village at LIDS 2012 (London Dive Show) - ExCel London.


Week of 22nd April - Big Shark Shout Out 2012 - Shout Out For Sharks during the International Earth Day celebrations! Get inspired by last year's Big Shark Shout Out events and get ready to put shark conservation on the Earth Day map. 13th-15th April: ADEX - Asia Dive Expo, Singapore - Meet David Roe, Marine Conservation Officer, who will be on the PADI Booth and shout out for sharks with us! Come and sign the Shark Petition!


18th May- Endangered Species Day - Create awareness about the plight of sharks in your local community. Recognize things divers can do and take action locally to protect sharks before they become extinct. Post your event on the Action Zone by creating an event on My Ocean.


Cleanup Russia: hundreds of divers and water enthusiasts will coordinate Dive Against Debris events and activities. Contact the PADI Russian Distribution Centre for details. 08th June - World Ocean Day! Celebrate with us the end of Finn and Finley's Sharks On Tour Adventures and raise awareness of the plight of our oceans.


06th - 08th July - Malaysia International Dive Expo - David Roe will on the PADI Booth at MIDE, Kuala Lumpur to answer all your questions.


Debris Month of Action - Take on the Debris Month of Action challenge! Dive Against Debris each time you dive in September! Get inspired by last year's actions. Take part in the Debris Month of Action photo contest for a chance to win great prizes!


TBC - European Shark Week : Demonstrate your support for shark conservation in a way that can really affect change! Help close loopholes in the EU Shark Finning Ban. 13th - 14th October - NEC Dive Show : Meet a Project AWARE representative on the PADI Village at NEC Birmingham Dive Show.


14th - 17th November - DEMA Show, Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas. Once again Project AWARE will be running seminars during the DEMA show so make sure you don't miss out!


15th - 17th December - DRT Show, Hong Kong - Join us at the Diving Travel Expo and the last show of the year!

And stay tuned to for ongoing opportunities to dive in to conservation in 2012 by joining the movement!


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