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New Report Acknowledges Dive Against Debris Influence in Tackling the Marine Debris Crisis

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Today, our partner, the Ocean Conservancy, has launched the 29th International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) report which recognises the efforts of divers across the globe who have united to Dive Against Debris and contribute to the marine debris solution.

As a founding member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance, Project AWARE shares the Dive Against Debris data reported by AWARE leaders during September with the Ocean Conservancy in order to provide the underwater perspective of the marine debris issue. Whilst the ICC typically yields land data, Dive Against Debris data adds the underwater story and shines a light on AWARE leaders around the world. Over 3,294 divers helped remove over 83,383 kgs / 183,828 lbs of trash last September during 104 Dive Against Debris surveys.

Since 2011 when Dive Against Debris was launched, Project AWARE has shared the data from over 600 Dive Against Debris surveys with the Ocean Conservancy providing an accurate and quantitative perspective to an issue that is often out of sight, out of mind. As divers are the only ones with the skills needed to remove underwater marine debris, it’s important that we share our Dive Against Debris data through our strategic partnerships and alliances in order to work towards meaningful solutions at local, national and international levels.

Ocean Conservancy Report - Project AWARE

Every day, Project AWARE is unveiling the underwater marine debris data you report through the interactive Dive Against Debris Map. With over 250 million tons of plastic estimated to enter the ocean by 2025, it’s inspiring to see the scuba diving community taking action every day to combat the devastating effects of marine debris – removing debris and reporting data to inform change.

So what are you waiting for – become a debris activist and start your Dive Against Debris survey today!

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