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New Year Resolution: Divers Reduce, Recycle & Dive Against Debris

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Have you made a New Year Resolution for 2013? Why not keep it simple and aim to reduce, recycle and Dive Against Debris? For the the GoPro Family a resolution to go green developed into a real fixation. "This eco-friendly mission soon became an obsession and Angel was collecting cans and bottles from everywhere and anywhere to recycle," said Jo Armitage, Master Instructor.

“Ever since we started diving, we’ve found garbage underwater. The extent of the problem was highlighted when we organized our Dive Against Debris in the Philippines. Ever since, we’ve carried out our own personal Dive Against Debris each time we go for a dive, picking up any garbage that we find,” said Jo.

Now living in Mexico, they've set up recycling in their classrooms to inspire their student divers to think about the three Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle. All their PADI Instructor Development Candidates get their own mug to reuse during the training course and are encouraged to Dive Against Debris.

“Our modest back yard soon resembled a junk yard,” added Jo. By the end of 2012 they sold all the old junk to a recycler for the sum of $50. They even matched that, donating $100 total to Project AWARE. A big thanks to Jo and Angel - in total they recycled an amazing 135 kilos of trash. 

The GoPro family resolution for 2013 is simple, consume less altogether. So if you haven’t made a resolution for 2013, follow their lead and find a Dive Against Debris survey near you or start your own.


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