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A New Year Revelation – Going Beyond 100% AWARE

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Utila Dive Centre is more than a premier PADI Career Development Centre in Central America and the Caribbean, they pride themselves on their marine ecology training and activities to protect the ocean.

“We aim to provide our divers and students with more than just diver education and that is what makes our team so successful. We’re on the cutting edge of training and conservation, setting a standard for many dive operations and professionals in the region,” said Andy Phillips, Director of Professional Training at Utila Dive Centre proudly declares.

It’s true that Utila Dive Centre’s focus on conservation is unmistakable through their commitment to clean the ocean – including conducting monthly Dive Against Debris surveys. They also support the University of Queensland’s Coral Watch program and consistently survey local coral reefs. Recently, they’ve also instigated a number of sustainable business measures including:

- Switching all light bulbs to energy efficient rated bulbs
- Installing solar panels at the hotel and pool pump
- Installing a treadle pump at the dive center which saves electricity and fresh water for the sanitation systems
- Refraining from using disposable utensils at the hotel & bar
- Issuing re-useable water bottles to all PADI Instructor candidates

What’s next for the eco-conscious operator? Becoming 100% AWARE partner in 2014. “We're proud to announce that in January 2014 and beyond, Utila Dive Center will support Project AWARE as a 100% AWARE partner and issue the AWARE version of every PADI certification card to all divers who are certified with us,” said Andy.

100% AWARE partners provide critical funds for ocean protection and create AWARE divers with every certification. Utila Dive Centre’s support for ocean protection through Project AWARE  is inspirational and a positive example not just in the Caribbean, but for other business operations across the globe.

To find out more about Utila Dive Centre and how you can join their awesome conservation activities follow them on My Ocean page or visit their website.

Do you have a 100% AWARE story to share? We’d love to hear from you. Or if you are ready to support Project AWARE, join Utila Dive Centre to Go 100% AWARE in 2014 or dive with 100% AWARE partners.

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