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Ocean Action Projects: Voting Now Open - You Hold the Power

Project AWARE News

Brace for impact. Project AWARE is powering ocean heroes into action and you hold the power to turn a conservation dream into reality.

Over 80 applicants sent in their Ocean Action Project in this year's round of grassroots ocean protection support making the judging for who would become a finalist extremely tough.

Now we're handing over the power to you - the Project AWARE supporter. Your support helps fuel our conservation actions and results.

We'd like to give you a direct stake in deciding where exactly your donation goes. Use the power of your vote to kick-start your favourite Ocean Action Project.

The Top Ten Finalists are:

  • Ecotourism and Awareness for Manta Ray Conservation in Northern Peru, Planeta Oceano
  • Marine Debris Action Teams Create Plastic-Free Sea Turtle Habitat in Costa Rica, Christopher Pincetich
  • What Goes Around Comes Around - Communicating  Marine Debris Science Through Visual Arts, USA,  The Plastic Ocean Project
  • Developing a Solid Waste Management Network within Koh Rong Archipelago, The Song Saa Foundation, Cambodia
  • Thailand eShark Project, Shark Guardian, Thailand
  • Protecting sharks and rays from fishing boats in Andaman Sea, Blue Guru Conservation, Thailand
  • The Great Fiji Count, Helen Skyes - Resort Support, Fiji
  • Protect Africa’s Sawfishes, Marine Megafauna Foundation and Eyes On The Horizon, Mozambique
  • The Marine Debris Thermometer Wall, Association of Coastal Conservation of Mozambique, Mozambique
  • This Project is Rubbish, South African Shark Conservancy, South Africa

How to Cast Your Vote

To cast your vote head over to the Project AWARE Facebook Page. Here you'll discover more about each of our finalists and be able to vote directly for your favorite project.

Voting ends on 8th December (California time). Help kick-start your favorite Ocean Action Project. Your vote could be the difference between idea and action.

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