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The Ocean Pays Tribute to a Hero, Neville Coleman OAM

Project AWARE News

All the staff and Board Members at Project AWARE were deeply saddened to hear the news on the weekend of the passing of one of our oceans' greatest heroes and ambassadors, Neville Coleman OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia). 

Based in Australia, Neville dedicated his life to underwater exploration and marine conservation. As an underwater naturalist he explored the world of water, discovering many new critters and species across the globe. His incredible career spans over 45 years of underwater exploration, photographing and documenting ocean life.

He also tirelessly and enthusiastically lent his support to marine conservation groups including holding a position as an Honorary Governor at Project AWARE.

We are all truly grateful for Neville's support, actions and determination. His imagery, educational courses and wildlife books inspired and ignited a passion in people to act for our ocean.

Thank you Neville for all you have done. Your enthusiasm and dedication to protecting ocean wildlife will not be forgotten. 

"Whether we like it or not, divers are the only group of individuals that could ever act as guardians to the World of Water; there are no other groups in the world with the access, training and opportunity… there is nobody else. As guardians of the world’s greatest resources we must understand that we really have an important job to do, far more than most could ever imagine." - Neville Coleman OAM.

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