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Our Next 20 Years Begins Today!

Project AWARE News

It’s been 21 years since Project AWARE first began. The world of scuba diving was much different then. And so were the ways of conservation. We were still learning about the issues and educating ourselves on sustainable practices underwater.

As the AWARE mission, logo and strategies have evolved over the years, so have the environmental priorities of the world. And together, we step up our efforts for the ocean wherever they’re needed most. Now, we’re prioritizing shark protection and working to eliminate marine debris from the world’s ocean.

While AWARE began as an environmental philosophy for divers, it quickly evolved to include a grassroots grant program and an international cleanup effort. From there AWARE divers began carrying out underwater actions across the globe that have added up to thousands of conservation efforts in 180 countries and territories.

We’ve worked alongside each other over these many years, the dive community continues to be our inspiration. Volunteer divers and AWARE leaders, like you, make ocean protection more than just a hobby. You make it a passion. We thank you for that!

Today, as we launch a whole new AWARE, we can’t help but reflect back on the many faces and amazing places under the AWARE banner. With you on our team we’re filled with inspiration and hope for the next 20 years.

Today, we begin the next step of our evolution. It’s never been a better time to be AWARE!

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