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Pledge to Protect: Use the Power of Scuba to Influence Change

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The last time I took any sort of pledge I became an Australian Citizen. I pledged my loyalty to my country, its people and its beliefs.

It is a promise I uphold today as I am truly connected and passionate about my new home, people and the way of life.

As a community of scuba divers we're also greatly connected and passionate about the ocean, the creatures that live there and the experience it gives us. I'll never forget one of my first dives. It was an amazing experience, but amongst the beauty there was a sense of sadness that the ocean was already in trouble. Among the amazing marine life was fishing line, broken coral and discarded tin cans. My fellow divers and I began a cleanup and I felt binded by our connection to the ocean and the fact we could take action where others couldn't. So when Project AWARE recently relaunched 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet and the 10 Tips for Divers Pledge I was excited to be involved.

Just like climbers and campers have an ethic to live by so do scuba divers. With the 10 Tips for Divers Pledge you can make a promise to the ocean no matter what your skill level or how often you dive. What's more, the fight to protect and save our ocean can begin directly with you. And who wouldn't want to be part of that?

As divers we know and understand that our acts no matter how small can add up to something great and significant; something bigger than just us on our own. We are a powerful movement and with that we can make a big difference. The 10 Tips Pledge gives us that opportunity - an opportunity for us to live and dive by a code.

You can join thousands of scuba divers and be the change every time you dive, travel and more. Pledge to follow Project AWARE's 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Underwater Planet, be an eco diver and take this ocean ethic to heart. 

Sign the pledge today to follow 10 Tips for Diversand use the power of scuba to influence change.


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