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Racing to Protect Sharks at the 2013 NYC Marathon

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They did! More than 50,000 runners finished the 2013 ING New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 3, making this years race the largest marathon ever. Among them, a team of passionate divers, shark lovers and competitive runners crossed the finish line in support of shark conservation.

“I'm so ecstatic that we did it! All of us finished and had a great time,” exclaims Kendra Bolt who established Project AWARE as a Charity Partner for the ING New York City Marathon in 2012.

Kendra is not new to marathons. With her experience and passion, she led the Run for Sharks team to train and raise funds for the ocean. So far the team has raised over $12,690 and the funds are still rolling in.

In the shadow of Superstorm Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombings, the 2013 ING New York Marathon returned, attracting the world’s top professional athletes and a vast range of recreational runners pulling the community together and showcasing the will and courage to run for charity and achieve personal goals. Project AWARE is extremely proud of the Run for Sharks team for their outstanding achievement. We're grateful for their continued efforts to raise not only funds but awareness of the plight of sharks and the ocean.

Special thanks to Kendra Bolt the Project AWARE Marathon Team Leader but our gratitude goes out to the entire team.

Want to run in the 2014 ING New York City Marathon or show your support to the team? Contact Kendra or just follow the AWARE team and make a donation.Go team #Run4Sharks!

Photo: The #Run4Sharks team gathers together to fuel up before the big day!

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