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Shark Guardian on a Mission

Community Spotlights

Shark Guardian, a nonprofit organization founded by Brendon Sing, is standing up for shark protection and inspiring the masses to put their shark passion to action. Sing takes the Shark Guardian presentation international, traveling and presenting to massive audiences about the importance of shark species, why they’re in trouble and what we can do about it. 

“We make it clear that sharks are vitally important for the health and ecological balance of our oceans. We must save our sharks and protect our oceans, to save ourselves,” said Sing. 

In 2011 Sing has been working his way across Asia, speaking with international schools, national environmental conferences and learning institutes. Recently visiting schools in Bangkok, Thailand, Sing reached more than 2000 children and adults with his shark protection campaign. 

“We believe that if you reach the hearts and minds of children, they are able to change things and educate even the adults of today,” says Sing. 

Check out Brendon Sing’s MyOcean profile and follow along on his vital shark mission.  

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