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Shark Passion Runs Deep

Project AWARE News

We couldn’t be more inspired. Passionate diver, shark lover and competitive runner, Kendra Bolt, loves a challenge. This year, she’s combined her passions by establishing Project AWARE as a Charity Partner for the ING New York City Marathon in November 2012. Kendra will lead the Project AWARE team to train and raise funds for the ocean and we can’t wait to see them cross the finish line!

"I love sharks but the fight for their protection isn't just an emotional one. It's logical, it's empirical, and it's extremely important," says Bolt.

Kendra first fell for diving while attending the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA where some of her most memorable are from the chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest. But while stuck on land, Kendra found a relatively new love – running.

“I find myself in some of the quietest, most peaceful moments I've ever found. Awesomely, these moments are strongly reminiscent of the ones I've spent hanging in the water column, listening to nothing but the sound of my own breathing.”

Want to run in the ING New York City Marathon? Contact Kendra or just follow the Project AWARE team and make a donation at Go team!

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