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The Story of Stuff and the Ocean Floor

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You don’t expect to find a baby stroller on the ocean floor. It makes you wonder what happens to zillions of baby strollers and many other consumer products from our everyday lives. But what happens to all these strollers? In fact, what happens to all our stuff? 

Everyday we’re faced with thousands of choices, especially when we’re shopping. In an effort to shop smarter and greener we look for labels like earth friendly, BPA free, natural, organic, locally grown, ethical and eco. But we’re lucky if the labels even tell the whole story.  

The Story of Stuff Projectis a fascinating look at all these issues.

The story of going green has some serious shortcomings. Trying to live eco-perfectly is exhausting and often prohibitively expensive. Our entire economy is set up to reward making waste…” Story of Stuff

Waste. Rubbish. Marine Debris. Whatever we call it, it's littering our dive sites, choking coral reefs and killing the creatures we love. We want a clean, healthy ocean.

Watch the movies www.storyofstuff.organd you’ll hear that it’s not bad shoppers who are the source of the problem. It's bad policies and bad business practices. And that’s one of Project AWARE’s big goals: to provide an underwater perspective of marine debris impacts, take action to reduce waste and improve waste management at all levels.

When you Dive Against Debris you see first-hand how rubbish is trashing our ocean planet.  But the good news is, divers like you are change-makers. And Project AWARE Foundation is the voice of the dive community at an international level keeping marine debris issues at the top of ocean policy agendas. 

Our movement is strong. We can and will change the rules of the game and work together to fight against marine debris. You can take action this September for Debris Month of Action.


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