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Total Diving 101% AWARE

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More and more dive centres are signing up to be 100% AWARE! All these donations directly support ocean protection across the globe. A big thanks to everyone who has signed up already.

Total Diving, Canada have gone ONE step further! They are officially the first dive centre in the world to join 1% for the Planet,  Total Diving will generously donate 1% of their revenue to ocean protection.”
“As the first dive center in the world to join 1%, we are breaking new ground for businesses whose survival and profitability depend on the wellbeing of the oceans,” said Darcy Kieran, Total Diving.

“Donating part of our sales to support Project AWARE is not just about preserving scuba diving sites around the world, it’s a great fit and it’s a good feeling to know we are working together to ensure our underwater playground is protected for future generations.”

"Already participating in Project AWARE’s 100% AWARE program, we are now officially the first organization to be 101% AWARE!" Keep up the great work Total Diving.

Join dive centres around the world putting ocean protection at the heart of their business and funding critical conservation initiatives too. Make the pledge to become 100% AWARE.

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My Ocean is a growing community of conservation leaders. Together, our actions add up to global impact for our ocean planet.

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