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WANTED: Plastic Debris

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Where do you think your rubbish ends up? The Museum of Design in Zurich, Switzerland knows it ends up in our oceans. So they are calling on Dive Against Debris volunteer divers to contribute to an exhibition: The Plastic Garbage Project.

The Museum of Design wants the plastic divers find underwater to present facts about plastic pollution in an illustrative way at their upcoming exhibition, which will be shown from July 4th to September 2nd 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland.

The exhibition examines various questions about the advantages and disadvantages of using synthetic products, the considerations of product design, the recycling potential and the influence on health.

“Divers’ unique underwater perspective on marine debris gives a tangible face to the issues of plastic pollution resulting mainly from careless consumer behaviour. Making their efforts visible to a broad public in the exhibition will hopefully help raising awareness about plastic debris in the aquatic environment and inspire also non-divers to act” says the Museum of Design.

Participate in the Plastic Garbage Project and contribute to the main exhibition display - a huge plastic debris installation – by sending the plastic items you find during your Dive Against Debris activities. And don’t forget to report your Dive Against Debris data online too so we can inform, persuade and empower policy makers and other stakeholders to establish and improve integrated solid waste management practices. Practices where we reduce, reuse, and recycle our way to an ocean free of marine debris.

So I will ask the question again. Where do you think your rubbish ends up? Well, some of it will end up at the Museum of Design in Zurich.

For more information on how to participate in the Plastic Garbage Project click here. Your debris could be on display in 2012 at the Museum of Design in Switzerland.

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