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What's a Finathon?

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Is it a funny name? A fun bunch of scuba divers? Or fundraising in fins? A big sharktastic round of applause if you answered all three.   

It’s a funny name for a swimathon in fins. It’s the global fundraiser for scuba divers to raise a few dollars for sharks and of course have some fun. But there’s also a serious side to all the wacky shark costumes, flash mobs and epic swim challenges.  

Scuba divers are deeply concerned about dwindling shark populations worldwide. That’s why Project AWARE needs your help. In 2013 scuba divers clocked up over 800km swimming to end finning. And we’re doing it all again!

Here I answer the two biggest questions I receive about the Finathon: 

1. Do we have to swim in fins?

It’s entirely up to you. Swim in fins or barefoot, organize a team relay or a relaxed snorkel. Some events have swimmers, snorkelers, divers and finners - even swimmers in shark costumes. You decide! Your event can be a competitive swim or a family friendly fun day. Either way, choose your challenge, mark your course and most importantly, make it fun!

2. I haven’t raised funds before. How do I ask people to sponsor me?

It’s easy! Our fundraising website makes it super simple for you to create a fundraising page, join a team, add photos and share your story. Tell everyone why you are passionate about sharks. The best fundraisers do the most asking! Donate to yourself first to show you are committed to cause, send a personal email to 10 friends and remember to send a reminder email. Lots of people forget to donate and are happy to be reminded. We have heaps of tips and resources to help you share on social media as well as posters and much more. A good old fashioned raffle is a great idea to take your fundraising into the real world and boost your totals. Put up a poster at work, get some prizes donated and we can add your offline donation to your online total too.

So what are you waiting for? Create your fundraising page, plan your swim and let’s go! Download our jawesome fundraising tips to get started.

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