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Who Protects the Ocean Planet?

Project AWARE News

As of the DEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 38 new 100% AWARE partners do! Many dive professionals support ocean protection but 100% AWARE dive centers and instructors are also committed to ocean protection in an extra special way. They make a donation on behalf of their dive students for each certification – all to support a clean, healthy ocean planet. 

Before you dive in, find your nearest 100% AWARE Dive Center today. 100% AWARE partners make a big difference by supporting critical campaigns to tackle marine debris issues and protect the world’s most vulnerable shark and ray species.

“Project AWARE could not secure critical ocean victories without a strong network of passionate industry professionals like our 100% AWARE partners,” said Project AWARE’s Associate Director, Tiffany Leite. “Their support is the fuel needed to continue pushing for strong protections for vulnerable and endangered species globally.” 

Thank you to our newest 100% AWARE partners!


Mario Elumba

Alberta Adventure Divers

Mark M. Wolff

Alessandra Figari

Michael Hughes

Aloha Scuba

Nicole L. Ordway

Aqua Plein Air, Inc.

Oceanside Scuba and Swim Center

Avalon Dive Center

Ocotal Resort

Brenda Yorke

Pana Divers

Caleb M. Hayes

Patrick F. Scott

Claus E. Poehler

Rafael G. Gallardo

Cortney Beck

Red Mangrove Dive Center

Exploramar Diving

Ronald L. Hempel

Garden Island Resort


Helena Scuba

Sterling Silver Scuba

Indiana University

The Dive Spot @ Lytle Shores

Jads Dive Center

The Ski & Scuba Connection LLC

Jay S. Elson

Timothy A. Ness

Jennifer A. Cumming

Timothy S. Wagner

Jill Heinerth

Utila Lodge-Bay Island College of Diving

Kramer Wimberley


Marc E. Dean



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