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Winning Against Finning

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The Finathon® is in full swing and the race against shark finning is on! On July 13th, at the Pole Position Raceway in Frisco, Texas, USA, Jarret Voorhies, a 15 year old go kart racer and passionate scuba diver, will put his two passions together - racing and shark protection.

“Like most divers, I’ve developed a connection with marine life. Our oceans are in trouble and they need our help,” said Jarret. “That’s why I’ve partnered with Project AWARE in a race against shark finning.”

You can support Jarret’s first annual “Winning Against Finning” indoor electric go kart race through his personal Finathon online fundraising page. The main event, to be held at the Pole Position Raceway in Frisco, will also host a silent auction and raffle to raise funds for some of the world’s most threatened sharks.

Think you can beat him and all his friends? Check out his “Winning Against Finning” video.

In the meantime, Jarret is busy taking to the streets and making a stand for sharks. He’s raising awareness about the shark issue on TV, radio and social media as well as gaining support from businesses who support his efforts.

Thanks go out to Jarret, for organizing a big win for sharks and good luck on race day!

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