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World’s Largest Network of Marine Reserves Suspended

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On 13th December 2013, the Australian Government took a major step backwards for marine conservation, suspending the implementation of management plans for the 33 new marine parks, including parks in the Coral Sea, the Kimberley and the Great Australian Bight. These management plans outline the levels of protection the parks provide to fragile ocean habitat and the marine species within them.

It is critical that Members of Parliament (MPs) understand how important marine parks are to Australians and the world. Please send your letter now to ensure your voice is heard.

After 15 years of extensive scientific investigation and the most thorough public consultation process in Australia’s history, protection of these parks was to come into effect on 1st July 2014. Australia’s decision effectively freezes the introduction of any protection while the Government conducts a review of the science behind the plans and undertakes yet more consultation. This additional government process is expected to take up to two years during which the future of the protected marine sanctuaries that are located within marine parks will be decided.

Marine sanctuaries provide a safe haven for some of our most threatened species including sharks, rays and turtles; helping ensure marine ecosystems are protected for years to come Ensure your voice is heard. Send a quick letter now to show how important protecting the marine environment is to you.

It's imperative we don't let all this hard work go to waste. We must let the Government know how much we care about the protection of the marine environment.

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