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World Wildlife Day - Take Action to Protect Marine Wildlife

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On 3rd March, people everywhere will celebrate World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. For scuba divers like you it’s an opportunity to recognise the value of marine life and remind ourselves of our responsibility to protect it.

Many marine species, from sea turtles to sharks and rays, have joined land based animals like the elephant, rhinoceros and tiger as being among the most threatened wildlife species on our blue planet. Among many other threats, illegal trade, overfishing and pollution pose a serious threat to their survival.

A recent study revealed that marine debris affects 693 marine species globally. Illegal trade in manta ray products undermines new protections in several key countries and overfishing, together with the unsustainable shark fin trade, continues to endanger vulnerable shark populations.

From Diving Against Debris to voicing our concerns and demanding urgent shark conservation measures, we’re serious about protecting marine life. CITES protections in 2013 and CMS listing for sharks and rays in 2014 are a step in the right direction but our battle to save these valuable species is far from over. World Wildlife Day 2015 reminds us that we need to step up the fight for sharks and rays and be a united and collective voice for our ocean planet.

Take Action for Marine Wildlife:

  1. Support the ocean life we all love by donating to Project AWARE for #WorldWildLifeDay
  2. Show the world that divers are serious about protecting marine wildlife by sharing these graphics on social media.

As scuba divers we know how important it is to protect the species that live in our ocean. Help protect them by taking action for marine wildlife this World Wildlife Day.

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