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A Year of Ocean Victories!

Project AWARE News

This year marked many major milestones for which we thank you – the AWARE supporter, ocean advocate and volunteer. As we get ready to close the book on 2013, we celebrate what amazing victories we’ve achieved together including:  

Delivered more than 135,000 petition signatures to protect sharks and rays.

Helped secure historic protections for some of the world's most vulnerable sharks and rays from the devastating effects of international trade.

Removed and reported more than 133,000 lbs/60,000 kgs of trash from over 300 underwater dive sites worldwide.

Witnessed the culmination of years of work together pay off, as the European Union implemented its strengthened shark finning ban.

Raised awareness, critical funds and clocked an amazing 500 miles/800 km in the global Finathon swim to end finning events worldwide.

Thanks to ocean heroes like you, we know we’re making a difference, and we’re invigorated for the challenges ahead. If you haven’t already, please consider a gift this holiday season to help fuel our aggressive action plan for 2014. Thank you and happy holidays!

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