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2017 Dive Against Debris™ Hong Kong ~ the 1st hit

2017 Dive Against Debris™ Hong Kong ~ the 1st hit

Blue Ocean Club ~ 2017 Dive Against Debris™ ~ the 1st Hits


Date                            : 28 May 2017, Sunday

Dive Site                   : Town Island, Sai Kung (Hong Kong)

Weather                     : Mainly cloudy & moderate wind with slight waves

Air Temperature                              : 29c

Underwater Temperature              : 26c

Number of Volunteer                     : 29 divers

Total Weight of Rubbish Collected        : 54.60 kg


On Sunday 28 May 2017, Blue Ocean Club organized “2017 Dive Against Debris™ ~ the 1st Hits”, an event aimed to remove marine debris from the ocean and conduct marine debris survey. The event was conducted at Town Island near Sai Kung, Hong Kong, and there were 29 participating volunteer divers. The weather condition was mainly cloudy, with moderate wind and slight wave, water temperature was at 26°C. Due to the weather condition and safety measures, the team decided to change the original cleanup location from Long Ke Wan to Town Island. Volunteer divers were given a brief on the coral ecosystem, safety and environmental awareness prior to the dive.


Volunteer divers have successfully cleaned up to 54.60kg of marine debris amongst them mainly consist of abandoned glass bottles, fishing nets and wire netting. The type and quantity of the debris collected, including the cleanup site information, were documented in the marine debris survey data card and reported to the Project AWARE Foundation.


藍海俱樂部 ~ 2017打擊海洋垃圾潛水計畫™  第一擊

日期         : 20175月28日 (星期)

潛水地點     : 伙頭僨州香港西貢

天氣         : 多雲,和緩微風及水面有微浪

氣度         : 攝氏29度

水溫         : 攝氏26

義工隊伍     : 29潛水員

總垃圾重量        : 54.6公斤

藍海俱樂部於2017年5月28日籌辦了本年度第一次”打擊海洋垃圾潛水計畫”,一項針對海底垃圾的清潔和調查活動當日共有29名義工潛水員組成義工隊伍參加,在香港西貢區附近伙頭僨州水底進行清潔和調查活動。當日天氣多雲,和緩微風及水面有微浪,水溫26度 。由於天氣及考量到安全關係、大隊最後改變計劃從原浪茄灣轉移到附近的伙頭僨州進行海底清潔。相關的工作人員進行水底清潔活動前向各義工隊員簡報了當地珊瑚生態系統並講解有關安全和環保資

當日義工潛水隊成功收集了共 54.60公斤垃圾。最常見的垃圾類別為玻璃製水瓶廢棄漁網和鐵網。垃圾的類別數量,及調查地點已詳細記錄在調查記錄表,並回報到 Project AWARE Foundation.



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