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Academy of Scuba Dives Against Debris after Australia Day 2018

Academy of Scuba Dive Against Debris team before their clean up dive on 27th January 2018

This month saw 14 divers dive Mordialloc Pier, our Adopted Dive site, to help remove marine debris from beneath the waves. Summertime is always a busy period, with heaps of people hanging out around the water - unfortunately, this also means that we are dealing with a lot more trash, especially after a big event such as Australia Day. Items are discarded thoughtlessly, the wind blows debris into the waterways, and unless you're a diver and can see what is building up below the surface, there may not seem to be a problem.

Please make sure you are conscious of your trash this summer. And if you already are - amazing! - please help others to do the same. Our underwater clean up dives are only part of the solution, but they offer divers a chance to become part of something awesome and much bigger than themselves. They offer divers a chance to give something back to the water we are so blessed to be able to dive in.

A huge thank you to Jane, Marc, Olivia, Ian, Jess, Ben, Sam, Bobbi, Giles, Azmi, Marwa, Angela and Zhu for hauling up over 13kgs of trash and being such in such wonderful spirits! A fantastic morning thoroughly enjoyed by all! The trash pulled out has been thoroughly documented and correctly put into bins / recycling points / reused. Even though we only did one dive, there was plenty of trash that wouldv'e made a second dive a success - unfortunately, on the day we all had various other plans, but it just goes to show the scale of the problem here and elsewhere.

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New Year Resolution
Make your dives count for a clean ocean. From #OneMillionLess to #NextMillion2020, your marine debris data matters. #EveryDiveaSurveyDive.

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