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Adopting A Dive Site

Our Clean Up Divers

In June 2016 we adopted a local historic site - The Patent Slip, where boats were hauled out of the water for repairs.

10 months on we are still collecting way too much marine depbris from this site and there is still a lot to be collected.

8 divers headed out for Earth Day 2017 and collected over 650 items weighing 106kg. Some larger items including tyres and a kitchen sink (yes really) have been left and will be tackled another day. Most of these items have been underwater a long time but food wrappers, gold balls and plastic in all it's many forms are prevalent too.

As we explored the site collecting debris we did manage to see different marine life but 1 diver got a shock when her buddy pointed to something she thought was rubbish but moved when she picked it up - a well disguised masking crab!

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