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Aqualife House Reef Dive Against Debris® After Typhoon Urduja

Aqualife Divers Academy House Reef Boracay Dive Against Debris Jon Jon Suarez December 2017

One of the advantages of learning how to scuba dive on Boracay Island, Philippines, is the calm and clear water... usually! But about a week ago, a powerful storm swept through our province. Most activities were postponed while we waited for better weather, but the staff at Aqualife Divers Academy couldn't sit still. So as soon as the wind and rain stopped, I asked my fellow instructor and our divemaster trainees if they wanted to conduct a Dive Against Debris® survey at our House Reef. Of course they said yes.

The last time we had an underwater clean up at the Aqualife Divers Academy House Reef was a month ago, in November, when the Philippine National Police (PNP) stationed here on Boracay joined us. Now we were a smaller group, but we didn't mind. Besides helping to protect our marine environment, this survey gave us an opportunity to practice our underwater navigation and neutral buoyancy skills. 

Next month, some of our friends are coming to the island for their yearly holiday. I've already told them about our Dive Against Debris® initiative and they're very excited about it. 

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