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Underwater cleanup

Lee Min Ho, the superstar of South Korean is in the house for charity. In collaboration with Asia Minoz(Lee's fan club across Asia), we started a long-term campaign toward removing marine trash from our ocean, and extended from Perhentian island to Tioman island. Via O I SEA diving academy, approximately 30kg of marine trash been removed by the divers who participate in a week, which includes cigarette buts, cans, plastic bottles, fishing net and food containers.

In collaboration with Asia Minoz/LMH International (Lee Min Ho fan’s asia), on-going awareness campaign to remove marine trash from our ocean. You wouldn’t need to wait or join the event to do some cleanup underwater, as we, are doing it everyday, everydive. Together, we can surely make an improvement. Furthermore, in order to maintain continuous efforts, we will credit each kilos of the marine debris toward your dive on every wednesday at 1kg=MYR10.

This is also part of Lee’s initiative toward conservation & charity, with his current popularity in entertainment industry, both parties are hoping more will join our force which is categorised as ‘mission impossible’ due to the lack of awareness, information & technology. The program offered will be charged, to sustain the on-going processes, and all the money excess from the programs will be channelled toward ‘fighting against marine debris’.

For this program, we do promote the marine debris dive using a promotional banner than being place at the dive centre, no extra charges to join, collected whatever debris seeing during the dive, and throw to our rubbish bin, which at the end will be sent out to the mainland(instead of island) for disposal. Many pictures and short video has been made as a tool of creating awareness purposes.

Minoz Asia can be found on facebook, and information can be get from both of the club and dive centre. An underwater banner is being used to promote the tagline with the objective to draw more participants to join the efforts locally and internationally. To be part of the movement, do contact us personally. 

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