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Beach Clean Ups with Kitty Inn

Mission Complete

Over the neap tides of the 19th and 20th of May 2017, Diving The Crab and The Sands at Nomad sent out "Kitty Inn" to do beach clean - ups from Galu to Gazi beach. This project was initiated with the hopes of raising awareness and making a difference in hidden locations. 

With a crew of 6 people, and a time frame of 8 hours over the two days, we collected 443 KG of plastic and rubber waste from these beaches, one of which was the home of four turtle nests! 

This collection also included 80 KG of flip flops to be recycled into an entire dhow made of only recycled materials by The Flip Flopi expedition. This dhow will sail from Lamu to Cape Town in January 2018 with the intentions of raising awareness on the urgent need to clean our beaches and oceans. 

At Diving The Crab we are consistently moving towards environmental sustainability and awareness, knowing that every little difference we make will ripple into a bigger effect than we may anticipate. We are dedicated towards being part of the solution of the ocean pollution and doing everything we can to care for our marine life. 

Come on, Dive in! 


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