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Blue Project by AMD-B: Not just a Beach Clean-up - AquaMarine Diving - Bali goes to school!

Blue Project by AMD-B: Not just a Beach Clean-up - AquaMarine Diving - Bali goes to school!

Part of the ‘Blue Project by AMD-B’ Eco-Awareness programme, this event was created to nurture school students to protect the ocean by action and knowledge sharing. 40 very enthusiastic 10yo students and AMD-B’s crew gathered on Batubelig Beach for Beach Clean-up event. Not only Beach Clean-up but the students were actively involved with listing and sorting the trash to give a solid, factual foundation of the Beach Clean-up activity. During the Clean-up, students were very enthusiast collecting, listing and sorting the trash while supervised by AMD-B’s four 2019 Divemaster Interns. Lingga, Cynthia, Ramadin Risyad . The 2019 Interns enlightened students about the trash they collected, knowing the harm of every single trash type, and the threat to our oceans. Small discussions and transfer of knowledge from Interns to students during the Clean-up gave another learning experience to students.

After 45mins Clean-up, all students, Interns and crew were transferred back to school by AMD-B buses to have class presentation and fun games regarding Clean-up activity. Based on the presentations given, students are now expected to have basic foundation knowledge of plastic/single use plastic trash that harming environment. As the students separated all trash on the beach, during presentations Interns explained an ocean thread caused by plastic use such as killing marine animals and make unhealthy ocean life. Hopefully students can spreading the message to their environment/surroundings and become Ocean Ambassadors to preserve the ocean. Doing some Eco-Awareness Days like this will cause the 40 students to become heroes, not only for one day but hopefully forever!


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