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Dive Against Debris Dive

The Dive Against Debris Group!

I have to say i am quite proud of our Dive Against Debris participants from Sunday 16th October. There had a been a typhoon passing through the Philippines the previous few days so when we could get to the dive site, we were all quite surprised at the mount of debris we found! 

We started by participating in a Dive Against Debris classroom presentation where we looked at why there is debris in our oceans and why it is important to protect the environment. The class looked at different types of trash we can collect and how to do this safely. Going through the process of how to organise a Dive Against Debris Dive and what to do with the data gives the participants the knowledge to take with them and organise their own clean up dives. 

10 participants plus Instructors and Divemasters went out to the dive site Bantigue. Split into different teams we managed to search near enough the whole dive site and collect an estimated 25KG's of trash! 

The most collected type of Debris came back to plastic. Whether it was plastic food wrappers or bottles, to fishing line. We even had time to clean up the beach from any Debris after we had surveyed our dive debris.  

All of our participants are now Dive Against Debris divers and they should receive their Project AWARE card in the post soon! 


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