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Dive HQ - Earth Day 2018

Divers with 98 bottles of beer on the wall....

On Sunday 22nd April - Earth Day a group of keen divers got together to clean up a local dive site. Weather meant we would have to dive in the harbour so we selected Shark Bay as we knew there were plenty of glass bottles at this site.

We weren't wrong - 8 divers collected 98 bottles and over 120 broken bottles and pieces of glass.

We also found a couple of shoes, and old teapot, some fishing line and lures. 6 golf balls and a couple of chewed up tennis balls lost by the dogs we suspect! & of course we found some plastic bags, food containers and other plastic fragments - 78 in total.

There is definitely enough debris remaining for another dive but our catch bags were full and heavy and there were enough items for us to decritter and count. Several crabs, sea stars, chitons, a few fish and 2 octopus were returned to the ocean. We even returned 1 bottle once we realised an octopus and her eggs were inside.

After all our hard work we headed to the local pub for a drink and some lunch outside in the sun where we logged all our data.


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New Year Resolution
Make your dives count for a clean ocean. From #OneMillionLess to #NextMillion2020, your marine debris data matters. #EveryDiveaSurveyDive.

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