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Divers Scuba Center Asia Lembongan take Action

Divers Scuba Center Asia take Action Dive Against Debris

Scuba Center Asia dedicated a dive to the Project Aware cause "Dive Against Debris".

One instructor took 2 Advanced divers & 2 Divemaster Candidates to the dive site called 'Lembongan bay', which unfortunately gets a hefty amount of tourism due to the multiple pontoons situated there. The area is shallow with a mix sand and coral. So we set out in two teams, our max depth was 7 meters and we U-pattern searched the area looking for debris. Our bottom time was 45 minutes, however within the first minutes we started to find debris. Rope wrapped around coral, drink cans, fragments of clothing.

There is a diversity of life at this dive site, ranging from lionfish, octopus, squid and even lots of baby fish. During the Dive Against Debris we saw a turtle!...luckily no animals were entangled in any debris.

We took 3 empty project aware mesh bags and they all came back with something different in them:

- Plastic bottles

Rope - in various material forms

- Tin Cans

- Aluminium Cans

- Cigarette Packs

- Tin Pot

- Roll up Tobacco Packaging

- T-Shirts

- Shorts

- Unidentifiable Material

- Processed Cut Wood

After the dive, we got back to the diveshop and we emptied the bags and sorted through what we had collected. In total these items weighed between 2-3kgs

We know it’s a used saying when it comes to change. But little by a little...a little really does make a lot!

We thank all divers who help taking action in the Dive Against Debris! 

The good news is that end of this month we will organize anoter clean up dive, so if you around sign up for it! 

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