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Ghost Net Removed by Downbelow Team in TARP

Another Awesome Net Removal at Downbelow

On Coastal Cleanup Day the Downbelow team discovered an illegally discarded fish net in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Sabah Malaysia Borneo and sprung into action to remove it. It has been successfully removed from the ocean and our team was joined by our wonderful guests who decided to help. There were many marine life that had succumbed to the destruction of the net, but we managed to free and save a number of them including a Black Tip Reef Shark, a Near Threatened species.

Sharks are vital to healthy marine eco systems and are often casualties to discarded nets. Downbelow have been removing illegally dumped nets from TARP waters for more than a decade and to date we have retrieved more than 200. Together we can make a difference. Every diver and marine enthusiast needs to step up and support the removal of marine debris before it's too late. None of us can say we are not being informed or warned. Let's not look back in years to come and say "We needed to do more and now it's too late".


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