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Introduction to 'my Ocean'


Hi all!

I'd like to introduce myself first of all; my name is Kim Timmers, I am a PADI Master Instructor and part owner of the 'Tenerife Diving Academy' in Abades, Tenerife.

As some of you know, we have been actively organising and promoting AWARE activities for many years. You can find a full history of our efforts on our Facebook page:

You might also want to consider participating in one of our AWARE Specialties! We have Dive Against Debris, Shark AWARE, Coral AWARE, Project AWARE and AWARE Fish Identification specialties going on every few weeks. Please contact us for more information, dates and how to sign up.

Only recently have we expanded our promotions of AWARE activities to other media, like this blog and other upcoming blogs on our My Ocean Profile, to try to reach more people and encourage anyone to participate.

Please keep reading and keep up to date on this page for any upcoming events and how you can join us in keeping our Ocean as clean as we can. Together, we can make a huge difference!

Kim Timmers

Tenerife Diving Academy

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