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Last year I endured “the happiest place on earth” and ran the Disneyland half marathon to raise funds to protect our ocean. It was a really engaging experience and the best part of it was how moved I was by the generosity of those that supported the run. Whether it was taking time to ask about my experience, gave apparel recommendations or made a financial donation to raise much needed funds for the cause close to my heart.

This year I’m not looking to expand my athletic abilities but still want to raise awareness and money for ocean protection. I turn 40 this year. It sounds like I’m morphing into a new species and it feels like it a little when I reflect on my life and consider how I want to celebrate this milestone. I’m not eager to have a party or construct a “special event” to celebrate my fourth decade on earth but I would like to mark the occasion so I’m inviting whoever is still reading to help celebrate my #LifeChangingBirthday with a donation to Project AWARE Foundation - 

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Project AWARE and I’m honored to say that I’ve been a part of the organization for half on its life changing existence. Protecting the ocean from beneath the waves is unique and critical work and thanks to change makers like you, we’ve achieved remarkable conservation victories both in local communities around the globe and on international policy levels.

Thanks to your action, Project AWARE can and will continue building on these accomplishments for a clean, healthy ocean.

Together, we will:

  • Protect over-exploited species including sharks and rays
  • Tackle deadly marine debris by removing and reporting trash in our ocean and working toward long-term solutions
  • Strengthen partnerships with conservation groups, government bodies, responsible corporations and others committed to a clean, healthy ocean
  • Intensify a global community to be agents of positive change

If I saw you in the pub on my birthday and you’d consider buying me a drink to celebrate, please make a $5 donation today to mark our friendship and make an impact for our ocean.

Thank you for taking a stand for our ocean.

With much love and reflection,


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