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Marine Conservation Internships

Marine Conservation Internship - Blue Corner Marine Research

Our latest group of conservation interns just finished up their program!

Blue Corner runs internship programs throughout the year focusing on various aspects of marine conservation. The program is composed of several modules which can also be combined into the PADI Divemaster course. These marine science modules are listed below (modules can be taken individually or together in the Scientific Diving Internship):

  • Scientific Diving Fundamentals Week. During this week students go through safety standards for working underwater. For students chosing to complete our Scientific Diving internship program we highly recommend this as the first week of your program. Topics include advanced dive planning, dive accident managment, risk assessment and use of specialized dive equipment. This week is heavy in diving theory with emphasis on decompression theory, physics and physiology of diving. Prerequisites: Rescue Diver with 20+ logged dives and current First Aid certificate. Certifications include: CMAS Scientific Diver. Students who complete this internship week can complete their PADI Divemaster progam in 3 weeks at a reduced price.
  • Coral Reef & Marine Ecology Week. The week starts with an in-depth "Introduction to Marine Ecology" lecture which ties in knowledge specific to the areas you will be diving in the Nusa Penida Marine Park. Each day then includes specific task-orientated diving and lectures in topics from coral health, marine invertebrates and tropical reef fish identification. This module in species identification is required to then follow on with the Reef Health Monitoring Week. Certifications include PADI Underwater Naturalist & Fish ID.
  • Reef Health Monitoring Week. In this week-long program we will learn about several survey techniques used to monitor coral reef health. The Coral Watch Coral Health Chart to assess corals for bleaching. You will also learn to use standard Reef Check scientific survey techniques to monitor coral, fish and invertebrate species on a reef. We also practice several standardized survey techniques used by both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority & Nusa Penida Marine Park's long term monitoring project. Certifications include Reef Check, Coral Watch & PADI Research Diver. We recommend students attend the Coral Reef & Marine Ecology Week prior to enrolling in this program.
  • Coral Restoration Week. This program is conducted as a workshop in which you take part in Blue Corner Marine Research's ongoing coral restoration project. During this week you will learn techniques in coral propogation, monitor nursery corals and transplant corals onto modular reef structures. Certification includes: PADI Coral Restoration Diver.
  • Mega Fauna Week. This week is all about mega-fauna! During this week you will learn about the biology of elasmobranchs (Sharks & Rays) and turtles as well as get up close and personal studying our local manta ray population. Collecting identification photos of the mantas as well as learning about other species sharks & rays in the Nusa Penida Marine Park. Certifications include: PADI Manta Conservation & Project Aware Shark Conservation.


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