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Regular diving against debris is working!

Beach clean team

I had a little break from my eco role at the end of last year after injuring myself and needing a bit of R&R. When I came back we wanted to make more of an effort to have regular Dives against debris, and to make sure that we were recording trash that we were collecting under water on every occasion. Let's face it, as divers none of us would swim past a plastic bag or bottle underwater and leave it, but admittedly we were not always recording what we were collecting.

We have stuck to our efforts and I think we are beginning to see results! Of course being on an island we have weather that can wash in trash that we don't normally see, but as far as our adopted dive site is concerned we are definitely finding less rubbish. Earlier in the year we collected over 50kg from underwater, and more on the connected beach, but on our last clean up, organised by our new Dive Master Charlie, we only collected 12kg total. The majority of this was found on the beach where there is an abandoned resort, and the majority of the weight of what was found was from an old door! Granted it is now low season, so our population on the island is smaller, but I'm kind of hoping that this is because we are making regular efforts to keep the area clean.

Our biggest issue in the Dives is with fishing line, I feel like this is an inevitability in our location. However I also feel like we are able to collect it before it can cause too much damage. If we can just encourage visitors to keep the beach clean as well, to not leave their trash after they have camped out there, we will have much better surroundings.

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