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A Sponsored Dreadlock Chop!

Scuba divers charity head shave

Divemaster Trainee Chops Locks for Marine Debris

When our DM Trainee Sam Riches complained that his dreadlocks were slowing him down underwater, he had to seriously consider if his seven years' worth of committed growing and nurturing should finally come to an end.

So his fellow Dive Pros here at Simply Diving decided to give him some extra motivation and offer to PAY to have them chopped off!

And where better to send the money than to Project AWARE. With Sam's full blessing of course.

We are now hoping to encourage our dive buddies and students across the globe to part with a tiny bit of their hard-earned dinero to help motivate Sam even more. So if you have some spare change and a spare 30 seconds, please consider donating to our dreadlock chop!  And help to inspire and enlighten your fellow divers about Marine Debris and other ocean concerns.

Thanks for reading!

Simon & Team

Simply Diving

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