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Underwater Awareness Moalboal: My Sea – My Home

Underwater Awareness at Basdiot Elementary School

Following from the recent Moalboal Bay beach clean up and Mangrove seedling planting, this week we reached out to a different kind of seedling: the future generation of Moalboal.

After coordinating with the head teacher Wendell G. Buaya at Basdiot Elementary School, and partnering with Project Aware, Cebu Seaview Resort, Cebu Fun Divers and Savedra Dive Center, our team of PADI Dive Instructors and Divemaster Trainees, consisting of Kalle Epp, Balane Maribeth, Jaime Sabanate, Cornelia Persson, Gautier Cauture, Emily Hung, Jeff Wendel Macasaol and Augostine Pabonita Tapales visited 100 kids aged between 11-13 years old, split into two groups.

First we introduced them to the underwater world and the treasure in their own backyard - Sardine Run, with the help of the video Exploring the Coral Reef by Freeschool. Our instructor Beth made the presentation more interactive by teaching them different signals for marine life.

Next they were shown a video on how Plastic Pollution was affecting the ocean and marine life. It reminds them of what happens to waste, and raises awareness of environmental issues. Many were shocked by the consequences.

Everybody then got introduced to some scuba diving equipment, demonstrated by our instructor Cornelia with the assistant of two fellow divemaster trainee Jeff and Augostine (who was one of the ex pupils from 2012 that attended the same presentation and won one of the competitions for a Discover Scuba Diving Experience, which inspired him to become a scuba diver). With a lot of fun and laughter each of them got hands-on experience on scuba diving gear and could try breathing air from the tank like real scuba divers.

Lastly we had a poster making contest with the motto Moalboal: My Sea – My Home.

Each group brainstormed and designed very colourful and meaningful posters. This developed arts-based environmental education activity turned future citizens into skilled social scientists by training them to message the need for change in a way that appeals to hearts and minds.

5 winning teams, consisting of 30 pupils had their first Discover Scuba Diving experience.

The kids could explore their ocean first hand and were awed by the corals, the marine life and diversity.

This is part of our mission to promote sustainable coastal resources in Moalboal, sponsored and conducted by Cebu Seaview Resort, Savedra Dive Center and Cebu Fun Divers. 

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